Pericles of Athens, one of the greatest statesmen and leaders in history


Strategos - About Our Name

The term Strategos is not just a play on the word strategy, although helping businesses at the strategic level is a big part of what we do. 

Strategos was the title ancient Greeks gave to their generals.  It was a title held by some of the greatest leaders in history.  Pericles of Athens was frequently elected as Strategos during his long career, and his vision and leadership was instrumental in the rise of Athens.  Without Pericles, the achievements of the Golden Age of Athens may never have happened. 

Philip of Macedon, after establishing hegemony over much of Greece, was elected strategos autokrator (commander-in-chief, without peer), a title which passed upon his death to his son, Alexander the Great.  Alexander took this title, along with King of Macedon, and added a number of other titles as he proceeded to conquer much of the known world during his brief life.

The name Strategos is important to us, because we believe that drawing on the wisdom of the past is key to building organizations that can thrive in the future.  The world has changed much in the last 2500 years, but people have not. Core principles of leadership, problem solving and strategic thinking provide the foundation that we think is essential in building the successful organizations of the future.